Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wash that Gray Right out of the Landscape

I took a walk with my camera to catch the last evenings of this glorious winter sun. It is a pale yellow surrounded by a warm grey. The summer sun is honey colored surrounded by pinks and oranges brought to us by air pollution. Last week I was cursing that darn groundhog because I would love another month or two of deep winter. Today I've gotten more comfortable with spring. It could be these puddles. Or the new light. Or the songs the birds are singing. It is a time of discovery. My Dad called to ask if it could be the Norse god of mischief and shapeshifting, Loki, could be responsible for his misplacement of his wallet and glasses. Of course! Monday had incredibly strong new moon energy --- I started six purses and didn't finish anything! And it's the spring energy -- east. Loki is from the East. Gotta get back to Norse mythology again soon.
The trees will soon have some leaves. Hmmph. I do like surprising the squirrels with my gaze. The Bald Eagle in Zumbrota has been cleaning out her nest. She's always sitting on it before the leaves come out on the trees. I so love their shapes without their leaves...kinda like black coffee....great on it's own, but a bit of sugar is nice too. I got a shot of the snow melt around the tree trunks. It's always proof to me that they are starting to move their energy upward. So it's time to enjoy the day as it is rather than as something it isn't... So I dyed a bunch of T-shirts I'd used Shiva Paintsticks on. And a whole bunch of my grandmother's linen tablecloths and napkins. Next blog will be those gorgeous colors and shapes.


  1. The pictures are neat and the lighting is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The photo of the tree in the water is an exceptional winner and should be framed.