Friday, March 5, 2010

Collaborating with my Dad

Well! Amazing and unthinkable a year ago. My Dad is an amazing wood worker. He built this side table that frames my prints. My job was to cut them down to his beloved (and clunky in my opinion) Aristotilian rectangle. In this case he agreed it was a clunky lamp, and was delighted when I suggested a table. That gave me my other task, buying plate glass. Dad lives in a small town where you get everything the day you think of it. He couldn't understand why it took me a week to find a good glass cutting company we can develop a relationship with here in the big city. The wood is walnut cut off our cabin's land. And I'm surprised how well it sets off the teals and meadow greens of these spring time prints. He's just completed a second one. And that will probably be that as he likes to solve new puzzles. The project I'm sure he began yesterday is a six foot tall lamp with three tiers of prints that will light up that dark corner we all have in our homes. It will have maple uprights and walnut horizontals. Cool huh? I'm busy putting epoxy on 12 prints! No small feat! Any ideas on how much to charge for these in the fairs this summer?


  1. Lauri~
    Speechless.....the table is fantastic. What beautiful art, made by father and daughter.
    You better plan on lots of these going out the door!

  2. I agree with Donna. Absolutely incredible, unique, and gorgeous. What a way to display your art. Hip too in that we're now so used to seeing images on a lighted screen. Honestly, I have no idea. I think you could probably get a lot, but people are still in a different purchasing mode. This is so cool and I think something you should consider consigning in an upscale shop. Maybe cover your costs plus labor and see what it looks like, while considering you don't want to spend all your time blasting these out if they are a hit. (What kind of help is that?)