Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm taking an on-line embroidery class ---hoping to figure out how to make lampshades out of my epoxied prints.  Thread in cloth is easier than thong in epoxy eh?
But I've discovered I like embroidery in it's own right. I'm making dimensional flowers, as well as the flying variety we call butterflies. 


Here's my piece I call La Printemps  (the dratted French insist spring is male... I don't buy it, so mine is La Printemps instead of Le Printemps which is 'correct'.

It flows from my host plants and butterfly series because the butterfly is a Mourning Cloak.  The tree is our magnolia.  Mourning Cloaks winter over as adults here in Minnesota and come out of hibernation about the time the magnolia blooms,  I cheated a bit and included the forsythia who blooms a bit earlier.  Here's some detail:

More beads and's hard to be done with one of these!