Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fiends in the Woodshop

We went down to Zumbrota on Wednesday in our continued collaboration with my Dad on lamps and tables that hold my prints and light up from inside. The next lamp is about six feet tall. So here are Allen and Dad surface planing a six foot board. It took two of them to get it throught the planer squarely....and I did hear a "hmmm. It's thicker on one side than the other. We'll just run it through again and take off a scosh." Allen learned about the planer. Where was I you ask? They always take off when we first get there to do 'guy stuff,' so I bring book. And a camera. Stay tuned for the lamp.
I need to pick a couple of images for the publicity piece for my show at Crossings at Carnegie in September. Any favorites emerge? The Yellow one looks like a dinosaur to me! It's actually a print made from knot grass! Or should I go digital? I'm leaning toward the Dandlion leaves and one of the purely abstract pieces at the top. Hmm. A lampshade might resolve the whole issue. I've never been good at choices and have used the excuse that I need a whole pallet to be fully functional.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Size does make a difference!

I made this bag for my darling husband to schlep his stuff back and forth to school. It has all the features he likes: padded computer space, a gorgeous brocade lining, extra pockets for paper and small items in velcro attached vinyl, a large outside pocket, and a print he really likes and secure handle and straps. Well! It fits my computer, but not his! We both forgot that he got the super delux version of the Mac laptop. It's too big to fit. It was part of being an economist doing detailed analyses -- two full pages can display on it at once. He got out of economics and is not in school to be a counselor at the Adler Institute. Brave and I'm very proud of him. So now I have another completed bag. And a new design for a back pack. Not only does it fit his laptop, but also his lunch and cup for tea. If it's a good bag I'll make one to hold water bottles. I love it when problems allow the space for creative solutions.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Collaborating with my Dad

Well! Amazing and unthinkable a year ago. My Dad is an amazing wood worker. He built this side table that frames my prints. My job was to cut them down to his beloved (and clunky in my opinion) Aristotilian rectangle. In this case he agreed it was a clunky lamp, and was delighted when I suggested a table. That gave me my other task, buying plate glass. Dad lives in a small town where you get everything the day you think of it. He couldn't understand why it took me a week to find a good glass cutting company we can develop a relationship with here in the big city. The wood is walnut cut off our cabin's land. And I'm surprised how well it sets off the teals and meadow greens of these spring time prints. He's just completed a second one. And that will probably be that as he likes to solve new puzzles. The project I'm sure he began yesterday is a six foot tall lamp with three tiers of prints that will light up that dark corner we all have in our homes. It will have maple uprights and walnut horizontals. Cool huh? I'm busy putting epoxy on 12 prints! No small feat! Any ideas on how much to charge for these in the fairs this summer?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wash that Gray Right out of the Landscape

I took a walk with my camera to catch the last evenings of this glorious winter sun. It is a pale yellow surrounded by a warm grey. The summer sun is honey colored surrounded by pinks and oranges brought to us by air pollution. Last week I was cursing that darn groundhog because I would love another month or two of deep winter. Today I've gotten more comfortable with spring. It could be these puddles. Or the new light. Or the songs the birds are singing. It is a time of discovery. My Dad called to ask if it could be the Norse god of mischief and shapeshifting, Loki, could be responsible for his misplacement of his wallet and glasses. Of course! Monday had incredibly strong new moon energy --- I started six purses and didn't finish anything! And it's the spring energy -- east. Loki is from the East. Gotta get back to Norse mythology again soon.
The trees will soon have some leaves. Hmmph. I do like surprising the squirrels with my gaze. The Bald Eagle in Zumbrota has been cleaning out her nest. She's always sitting on it before the leaves come out on the trees. I so love their shapes without their leaves...kinda like black coffee....great on it's own, but a bit of sugar is nice too. I got a shot of the snow melt around the tree trunks. It's always proof to me that they are starting to move their energy upward. So it's time to enjoy the day as it is rather than as something it isn't... So I dyed a bunch of T-shirts I'd used Shiva Paintsticks on. And a whole bunch of my grandmother's linen tablecloths and napkins. Next blog will be those gorgeous colors and shapes.