Saturday, October 9, 2010

Accessibility Ramps

We built a ramp at our house and one at my Grandmother-In-Law's house.  In a weekend. This is a great program because they will come and take the modules away and reassemble them at someone else's house when you're done with the ramp.

We made it a family project. Everyone learned to use power drills and a circular saw.  Our decking crew was 12 and 14 and they did a spectacular job.  The way Allen and I split the work was that he hung each section and I got them built.  Hanging means leveling and some big carriage bolt screws.  Earthwork.  I ran the saws and the drills making each module.  Our crew was done early and we then rearranged the existing concrete by using a sledge hammer to break it up  and then make a mosaic 'landing pad' at the bottom.  It beats the cost of garbage to reuse concrete.  And the young men love using sledge hammers!  A wheelbarrow is a godsend, as they all want to carry heavy concrete pieces and that's not a good idea.  My mother-in-law is delighted to have a wheelbarrow left over from  the project.

We have a ramp because it's easier for so many of our friends to come visit. Those who use walkers, canes, or are just not completely sure on their feet, are grateful.  I would have loved a ramp during the days I was spraining my ankle regularly.

And idea. Use it if it makes sense for you. 

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